Graduate Students: Awards and Fellowships

Newton E. Chute Award: This is an annual $350 prize awarded annually to the Department’s most outstanding graduate student on the basis of scholarship, service to the department and professional promise.
Marjorie Hooker Geology Award: This award includes a $350 annual prize for the year’s outstanding thesis proposal or dissertation proposal.
Vincent McKelvey Sholarship: This annual scholarship to graduate or undergraduate geology students is made available from the Vincent McKelvey Memorial Fund.
John J. Prucha Research Fund: This award shall be used each year to provide financial support for field research for undergraduate and/or graduate students in the Department of Geology.
K. Douglas Nelson Memorial Fund: This award, first presented in 2007, recognizes the outstanding graduate research in field-oriented tectonics and geophysics. The recipient has the privilege and responsibility of caring for Doug Nelson’s treasured coffee mug for the year. It includes an award of $350 from the K. Douglas Nelson Memorial Fund.
Chair’s Award: Established in 2005, this award is made to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding service to the Department.
Best Publication Award: Approximately $1000 annually is awarded to one or more students for the most outstanding publications on which the student appears as the first author.
Future Professoriate Award: Qualified graduate students are eligible to join an award-winning program ranked among the premier models for Teaching Assistant training in the United States.
Alec Waggoner Memorial Fund for Graduate Student Research.

External Fellowships and Funding Sources

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