For Current Students


Milestones-Sequence of steps

Departmental Graduate Program Guidelines

Attachment A (Sample Orientation Schedule)
Attachment B (Check Sheet For Initial Advisory Review)
Attachment C (Formation of Permanent Graduate Committee)
Attachment D (Program of Study Form)
Attachment E (Annual Report)
Attachment F (Sample of Research Proposal Cover Page)
Attachment F2 (Email Notifications)
Attachment G (Sample of Qualifying Exam Pass/Fail Memo)
Attachment H (Graduate School Detailed Format Guidelines for Theses and Dissertations)
Attachment H1 (Preliminary Cover Page to Defend)
Attachment I (Graduate School Steps: Procedures for Graduate Students Defending Theses or Dissertations)
Attachment K (Poster Notification of Thesis or Dissertation)

Teaching Assistant


TA Coordinator Duties
Mentoring Recitation Evaluation Form

Mentoring Laboratory Evaulation Form

Academic Integrity

Sexual Harrassment Prevention Policy

Sexual Misconduct and Other Types of Harassment and Discrimination
Religious Observances Policy
Disability Services

Travel Waiver form

Tutoring Center

Teaching Resources:

Reserving the vans -  Book Online
Reserving a classroom -  Book Online or see Jolene Fitch

Reserving a laptop -  See Jolene Fitch

Reserving a projector - See Jolene Fitch

Course Credit Related Documents

Petition to the Faculty
Proposal for Independent Study
Reconfiguring Tuition Credits -  Forms must be completed with an explanation of reason for reconfiguring credits and emailed to Jolene Fitch.

Registering for Courses:
You must register for courses to remain an active student. If you do not need course credits but are working on your defense, you must register for GRD998.

Continuity of Study
PHD students have 5 years from ABD to successfully defend.
MA and MS have 7 years from 1st course to successfully finish.

Financial Forms Travel Reimbursements - To reimburse Faculty, Staff, Students and university guests who incur out of pocket expenses while traveling on  University business. This form will automatically calculate the mileage reimbursement amount using the current calendar year mileage rate. - See Bonnie or Julie
Travel Advances - See Bonnie Andrews or Julie Neri
Expense Voucher - form that is used to request reimbursement for an employee’s of out of pocket expenses related to University business. This form is not to be used to request reimbursement of travel expenses. - See Bonnie or Julie