All Earth Science Folk-

Although it just isn’t going to be the same without our founding fathers, Joe and Jim. This year we continue the tradition of AWESOME-RADing,  A Worry-free Environment for Sharing Opinions on Matters of Earth; Reading And Discussion.  For those amongst us not yet caught up on learning our craft and/or who are interested in reading and talking about some fun science papers, Pat Bickford and Dan Curewitz and Bruce Wilkinson will foster the seminar into the coming academic year.  To that end, we will meet (with appropriate refreshments) in 115 Heroy on most Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 on toward 5:00 (depending on fervor of discussions).

Anyone, at any level, that is interested in any aspect of these matters, is warmly invited to attend our gatherings.  Anyone, at any level, that has seen a paper that they would like to be put into the pool for consideration should send a PDF to Pat ( or Dan ( or Bruce (

Hope to see you there!
Pat, Dan, and Bruce

AWESOME RAD stands for:
A Worry-free Environment for Sharing Opinions on Matters of Earth; Reading And Discussion

AWESOME RAD is a weekly hour-long session at the Earth Sciences Department of Syracuse University where students, faculty, and research staff discuss a recently published Geological Science article.  The discussion is a round-table type of format with tea, coffee, and cookies and no true moderator.  A volunteer will begin the session with a brief description of what the article was about and the discussion will go from there.

AWESOME RAD was created to provide

     -a stimulus to read papers outside of personal research topics

     -a setting that eliminates the professor-student boundaries that can limit scientific discussion

     -an introduction to critical evaluation of science articles for undergraduate and new graduate students

     -a voluntary learning environment (in contrast to traditional university lecture courses)

How it works.


Each week during the semester, a short published article is selected and distributed to the department email listing.  Anyone interested in taking part in the session will read the article (if they can get to it) and then attend the discussion.  Simple as that.  As of December 2013, AWESOME RAD has had 5 successful seasons at the Earth Sciences Department

The articles are typically selected from GEOLOGY, PNAS, Science, Nature, Nature Geoscience, etc. because by targeting shorter articles, more participants may be able to find the time to fit reading it into their teaching and research schedules.