Events in the Department of Earth Sciences


Fall 2016 K. D. Nelson Colloquium

9/1 Colin Jackson (Carnegie Institution for Science) Discrete stages of core formation survive the Moon-forming impact

9/8 Udo Fehn (University of Rochester) Fukushima, five years later: Causes and consequences of a major nuclear accident

9/15 Michael Perfit (University of Florida) Chasing Mid-Ocean Ridge Eruptions: Deep-Sea Forensics

9/22 James Thomson (Hess Corporation) Introduction to marine shallow hazards

9/25-9/28 GSA Week- no seminar

10/6 Karin Limburg (SUNY ESF) The “other” biogeochemistry: otolith chemistry to unlock the secret lives of fishes

10/13 Ted Daeschler (Drexel University) Great Steps in the History of Life: The Origin of Limbed Vertebrates

10/20 Steve Holbrook (University of Wyoming)

10/27 Shuhai Xiao (Virginia Tech) Animals and Oxygen on the Eve of the Cambrian Explosion

11/3 Julie Fosdick (University of Connecticut) Retroarc basin reorganization and diachronous aridification during Paleogene uplift of the southern Central Andes

11/10 Bethany Neilson (Utah State University) Permafrost and Beaver Dam Complexes: How do they influence river temperature and the role of groundwater exchanges?

11/17 Eva Enkelmann (University of Cincinnati) Exhumation processes at the Yakutat–North American collision zone (southeast Alaska)

11/20-11/27 Thanksgiving Break- no seminar

12/1 Paul Mueller (University of Florida) The Archean-Hadean Earth: From Hell to High Water

12/8 no seminar, end of classes

• All seminars begin at 4:00 PM on Thursday afternoons in Heroy Geology Laboratory, Room 113, unless otherwise indicated.