Teaching Facilities in Earth Sciences


The Department of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University has a number of classrooms reserved for Earth Science classes.  The main Heroy Auditorium seats 170 and is a tiered lecture hall with armless movable chairs and fixed tables.  It has blackborads in the center and a dual projector system with a centralized teaching station.

The Dept. also has three smaller classrooms where upper level classes are taught.  All three have teaching stations with overhead projectors.  One of the three classrooms (Heroy 219) also serves as a Microscopy Teaching lab with custom built storage for Petrographic Microscopes.  New in the summer of 2011 is a 20 seat Computer based Teaching Lab with Dell PC's and 24" monitors at each station, an upgraded teaching station, and an HD Projector (1080 px width) and HD screen.

The Dept maintains extensive teaching collections of fossils, stratigraphic sections, minerals, and sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rock specimens.

The Dept has two 12 passenger vans for use during labs to take students to local field areas to study the geomorphic, hydrologic, structural, and paleotologically rich features within 15-30 minute drives of the campus.