Using the SUES family of Internal Listserv lists

The Department of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University utilizes a number of Listserv email lists for easy and rapid email communications.  Each major Personnell group has its own list:






These lists are "closed" lists in that subscriptions are enabled by the listowner.  Michael Cheatham is the primary owner of all of the lists.   Jolene Fitch is the co-owner of the grad and undergrad lists.  New personnel should contact one of the list owners for a subscription.  Only subscribers can email to the lists.  As a subscriber to a particular list you will receive all emails addressed to that specific list.  A subscriber to one of the above lists can send email to one of the other lists, but you will not see email traffic within those other lists.  As an example, a grad student can email the faculty list.  All of the faculty will see the post as will the sender, but no one else will see the post.

In addition to the five discrete personnell lists, there is an overarching list:


This list does not have individual subscribers.  Instead, the five lists above are all subscribed to the SUES_All list. 

Sending attachments to these lists is discouraged.

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