Adam Belkadi

Department of Earth Sciences

204 Heroy GL


Adam's CV

Undergraduate Student Earth Sciences
Advisor: Suzanne Baldwin

Research Interests

I currently prepare samples in the mineral separation lab and the noble gas lab to be irradiated for 40Ar/39Ar dating. From rock crushing, to mineral separation, to preparing a package for irradiation, I have learned how samples are properly prepared for step-heating experiments. The samples I have worked on include rocks from Papua New Guinea, Italy, and Corsica. I spent this past summer in the lab with the group, furthering my understanding of techniques used in both labs. I am also beginning to learn analytical procedures associated with experiments for sample dating. I will help with the updating process of these procedures during the fall. This coming fall I also plan to develop my own research project and put to use the techniques and tools I’ve learned over the past year.


In the mineral separation lab I use methods such as sieving, hand-picking, magnetic separation, and density separation using heavy liquids to prepare samples.